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Mounting A Strong OUI / DUI Defense

It only takes a second for a police officer to pull you over on suspicion of intoxicated driving, or OUI/DUI, in Massachusetts, but the consequences if you are arrested and convicted can be long-lasting. The fines for a DUI arrest can strain your finances, the suspended driver’s license mandate can drastically limit your ability to get to work or school, and the lasting criminal record that comes with a conviction can interfere with getting a new job, or keeping the one you have.

David L. Jaffe, founding attorney for the Law Office of David L. Jaffe, has represented numerous individuals throughout Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who are facing OUI/DUI charges. Whether this is your first OUI/DUI arrest or a subsequent one, Mr. Jaffe will act to limit the impact of the charges on your life and livelihood.

Defense Strategies For OUI / DUI Cases

As your attorney, Mr. Jaffe will review the evidence in your case and discuss your options with you. Our firm may be able to help you achieve one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Obtain a hardship license so that you can continue to drive to essential functions like school classes and your office or work site
  • Ask the judge to impose an alternative “24D disposition” — a program that mandates alcohol education and group therapy, instead of incarceration

The most optimal outcome of all is elimination of the charges against you. Mr. Jaffe is well-versed in the law surrounding OUI offenses and is able to spot mistakes in field sobriety test administration, as well as errors in the administration or interpretation of tests to determine your blood alcohol content (BAC). If your best option involves going to trial, we are not afraid to do it: Mr. Jaffe has represented clients in hundreds of cases in his time as a lawyer.

Our Firm Can Help You Fight OUI Charges

Do not face the confusing legal process alone. You need an attorney to help lessen or eliminate harsh drunk driving penalties in Massachusetts. Contact the Law Office of David L. Jaffe in Boston by calling or by sending an email.

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